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We teach you by solving real tasks, sharing trends, case studies and experiences.

This is led by Deloitte experts who master the expertise and, most importantly, have practical experience with its application.

What do we offer?

  • Practical courses for the development of unique skills according to the level of knowledge
  • Interactive workshops on trendy topics for managers and experts
  • Certified practical courses for the development of unique skills
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Data Science

The Data Science Faculty is intended for analysts and managers who want to get real business value from data. We will teach analysts how to practically apply various data science techniques and help them move from a basic junior analyst up to a master data scientist. We will show managers how to correctly select and use appropriate data for the improvement of processes inside the firm.

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Business Design

The Business Design Faculty is intended for everyone who wants to grow personally or professionally, regardless of the specialisation or industry in which they work. Thanks to practically focused workshops, you will gain innovative knowledge in designing new products and services, but also methodologies applicable to any issue or challenge. This also includes the creation of corporate strategy. You will gain knowledge that is necessary for every innovator according to current global trends.

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Data Visualization

Data are all around us. However, it is not always easy to understand them, and special attention must therefore be paid not only to their processing but also to their visualisation. The Data Visualisation Faculty is intended for everyone who would like to get to the heart of data visualisation, no matter if they are complete beginners or advanced users who want to master BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI, or learn the principles and procedures of data visualisation at a professional level.

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In today’s world of business and fast digital growth, we are constantly facing various kinds of new risks. In order to work efficiently and responsibly, entrepreneurs and managers must not only keep up to date about the development trends, but they also need to know the potential related pitfalls and challenges. This is exactly what our Risk Faculty can help them with.

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Digital Public

The Digital Public Faculty of Deloitte Academy accentuates the ongoing digitalisation of public administration in the Czech Republic in the national and international context. This process is reflected in the effective, functional and economical implementation of computerisation of public authorities’ back-office and front-office agendas (state administration and local governments)

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