Business Design

The Business Design Faculty is intended for everyone who wants to grow personally or professionally, regardless of the specialisation or industry in which they work. Thanks to practically focused workshops, you will gain innovative knowledge in designing new products and services, but also methodologies applicable to any issue or challenge. This also includes the creation of corporate strategy. You will gain knowledge that is necessary for every innovator according to current global trends.

Our graduates will not only get Deloitte‘s Master of Business Design certificate, but they will also be able to immediately apply their newly-gained knowledge in their own business.

Get your Master of Business Design certificate!

Each of our courses (which can also be attended separately) provides a detailed and practical insight into the relevant topic. If you want to continue to learn and gain the skills of real innovators, we have prepared a Business Design certificate, which you can gain based on credits:

  • Intermediate Business Designer – 12 credits
  • Advanced Business Designer – 16 credits
  • Master of Business Design – 20 credits

The courses are divided into two categories: Core and Electives.

  • Core – the graduate receives 4 credits
  • Electives – the graduate receives 2 credits

This means that in order to receive the certificate, you can combine the courses depending on your own needs. After their completion, you will get the appropriate credits. As soon as you reach the required number of credits, we will issue the relevant certificate.

If you do not have any knowledge of Business Design, we recommend starting with the Design Thinking (Core) course, which is the basis for understanding the entire process and on which our other courses are based. These focus in detail on individual parts of the design process, which is very complex and requires several separate courses.   

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  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup – Creation of successful products
  • User research as an integral part of product and service design
  • In-depth interview


  • How to run online/remote workshops efficiently
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Creation of Pitch presentation
  • Professional facilitation
  • Playing to Win – How to draw up a winning business strategy

What do I get by participating?

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Certificate of successful completion of the course

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