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The Digital Public Faculty of Deloitte Academy accentuates the ongoing digitalisation of public administration in the Czech Republic in the national and international context. This process is reflected in the effective, functional and economical implementation of computerisation of public authorities’ back-office and front-office agendas (state administration and local governments)

It also affects their integration, workload, automation and implementation of appropriate intelligence levels. Modernisation is also reflected in services to citizens and other entities as end customers and recipients of digital public administration services. And last but not least, it also has an impact on the adequate security of all these processes.

Within the legal framework of the Czech Republic, Act No. 12/2020 Coll., on the right to digital services, became effective¹ on 1 February 2020. In short, it aims to ensure full digitisation of services in public administration by around 2025 and gives citizens and other entities the right to make full use of them.

In accordance with these goals, the strategy and government programme Digitální Česko (Digital Czechia) were created. It is a plan for coordinated and comprehensive digitisation of the Czech Republic which is managed by the Government Council for Information Society (RVIS).

The mission of the Digital Public Faculty is to prepare entities in both public administration and the private sector for all the above-mentioned digital challenges. Our objective is to help individual actors understand the benefits of digitisation and to highlight some of the obstacles they may encounter during the process.


  • Architecture and eGovernment according to the National Architecture of the Czech Republic
  • Digital-friendly legislation in practice
  • Modern services in a modern office
  • ICT project management in public administration

¹ Part of the Act, different sections of the Act come into force at different dates or times, all precisely specified in Section 27 of the Act.

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