In today’s world of business and fast digital growth, we are constantly facing various kinds of new risks. In order to work efficiently and responsibly, entrepreneurs and managers must not only keep up to date about the development trends, but they also need to know the potential related pitfalls and challenges. This is exactly what our Risk Faculty can help them with.

In our seminars, we will show you the latest trends and the related risks, as well as the particular ways to efficiently react to them and manage them. Our experts build on many years of experience in projects for our clients and will therefore offer you a real practical insight. They will also share their ideas and procedures, which proved successful in individual client sectors. 


Agile/Scrum Responding to Change 

Many companies put hope into transition to the Agile mode in IT and other departments. There are a number of methods and tools, which bring various benefits. However, we know from practice that these procedures need to be tailored to the needs of a particular company. This seminar will show you a comprehensive view of the benefits and risks of the Agile approach.

What will you learn?

  • The basics of the Agile methodology 
  • The key terminology of Agile
  • The Agile manifesto and its goals
  • The difference between standard and Agile project management 
  • The basics of the SCRUM methodology including practical examples
  • The definition and use of various Agile methodology and SCRUM artefacts (product backlog, sprint backlog, iteration, burndown chart)
  • The SCRUM ceremony setup and management (backlog planning, sprint planning, daily meetings, retrospective, etc.)

Privacy in Technology

The Privacy area contains many risks and pitfalls, often with an interdisciplinary overlap. In order to face them efficiently, entrepreneurs and managers need to have knowledge from various sectors and fields. This is what our experienced team of experts can help you with. In our course, we will use practical examples to introduce you to various Privacy areas and risks you may not have heard about yet. 

What will you learn?

  • How to identify key risk spots for Privacy
  • How to setup Privacy by design in the digital ecosystem and define system requirements 
  • How to setup the cooperation between IT, lawyers and DPO
  • How to keep a balance between data monetisation and data security
  • The procedures for assessing the security of new digital solutions
  • Advice for the increased efficiency and automation of your privacy programme

What do I get by participating?

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Real examples and demonstrations

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Course materials

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Certificate of successful completion of the course

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Valuable contacts